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Getting Things Done... faster, more efficiently, with better results.

Achieving Results and Outcomes


Execution as a Core Competency

Lasting change, giving up some old ways, endorsing accelerated process.


Competitive Concentration 

Customers, markets, suppliers, trends, value-add opportunities.


Break Down Silos

Cross functional interest…collaboration, innovation, reinvention.


Clear Accountabilities

Work tasks, involvement, support, leadership, and timing.



Achieve measurable results with fewer resources, replicable shortened process.


Achieve High Performance

Expect more, change the standard, demand success.


Cause Engagement

Achieve broader buy-in, gain trust, challenge leaders.

How masters Alliance helps you build Execution as a core Competency

Masters Moment -  Accelerated Implementation Process
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Virtual Team Meeting

The Process

Masters Alliance helps you get things done through comprehensive, integrated process with fully transferrable, proven tools.


This approach is revolutionary. Culturally, we are prone to long drawn out issue resolution. Consensus building is the cultural norm. This process empowered the team to act. It was very powerful.

Senior Leader, Manhattan Life Insurance

…taking out $900,000 [30%] of cost per unit has allowed us to better compete internationally…

CFO, Despatch Industries

BuilDing Teamwork to drive results - Virtually or in person

Continue to get critical strategic goals and/or operational things achieved

Take advantage of likely areas of down-time to improve/recover productivity

Reconnect people to significant, lasting achievements

Redirect focus to significant, high profile team efforts, no matter where your team members work

Instill a sense of normalcy while in crisis mode

Improve engagement - get more done, faster, more effectively

Contact Us

MAsters Alliance

J. Allen is the founding partner of Masters Alliance Consultancy LLC. For the past thirty years, he has helped over one hundred organizations in 20 industries, in 13 countries gain a competitive market advantage through a unique understanding of a business’s customers, markets, and competitors.


J. is driven by experience that tough markets aren’t an acceptable excuse for stalled momentum—and that breakthroughs are around every corner.

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